Office Policies

Authorization and Referrals

Some insurance companies require prior authorization to see a podiatrist/ foot specialist. You can find out if you need a referral from your insurance company or your PCP’s office. This information may be found on your insurance card. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO OBTAIN THE REFERRAL from your primary care physician and present it at the time of your appointment. If your referral is not available at the time of the visit, the appointment will have to be rescheduled.

As you know not all services are covered by insurance. We will let you know what services and durable medical equipment are covered by your insurance. I participate in a number of health plans for the purpose of providing your medical care. Insured patients have additional financial obligations such as copayment, deductible and coinsurance. These amounts are patient responsibilities determined and determined by your insurance contract. I am required to collect these by law. The Office does not bill for copayments. They are due at the time services are provided. If there are deductibles or coinsurance, you will be billed at a later time. CASH, CREDIT CARD, OR CHECK. ARE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT.  Payment of balances can be made by mail, or telephone by calling the number of the billing service listed on your invoice.

Courtesy Appointment Reminders

The office will confirm your appointment by telephone, text message, or email. Please complete our Contact Preference form. This will allow us to notify you by whichever method you choose.  

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment or if you need to reschedule for a different day, please contact the office 24 hrs in advance (1 business day). There is a $50.00 charge for no show appointments.


There is a $10.00 fee for completion of all forms.  Forms take at least seven business days to be returned to you.  

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